Over 15 years ago, Snyder Corp had the idea of creating a safe and friendly transportation system. This idea is now a reality known as The Cedar Bus Company. Our deep-rooted belief in safe and compassionate customer experience is the reason behind our success. We strive to provide the best service to you in everything we do by offering an innovated and efficient way of transportation. We are continuing to grow and hope to bring more of this success by supporting the local history, arts and communities of each region we plan to branch into.

What makes us great!

Our employees and their compassion for the individuals we service allows us to stand out from other transportation companies. It starts with hiring the right person and making sure they have the same deep-rooted beliefs that our management team has.


Not only do we invest in a large stable of vehicles but we are constantly striving to be better by offering our employees training and certifications encourages upward growth throughout the company.  We service and manage our own vehicles which make us a very safe company to work with.

Your safety and experience is essential and that is why we put great emphasis on continual improvement.

Our goal is to develop and spread out love for the community throughout every location we branch into.